Bespoke Cakes

A special event deserves a special cake! 

Every cake we make uses the finest ingredients and is baked fresh to personalised orders.

Each cake is hand-decorated by us of cake-obsessed individuals, dedicated to making sure you enjoy the best tasting cake experience you’ve ever had.  

No short-cuts, no weird additives or preservatives, just incredibly delicious, utterly delectable creative cakes.

Talk to us about single or multi-tiered, big or small, rustic, modern, and novelty options. 

Decorations include handmade sugar flowers, fresh flowers, modelled fondant, edible paint, silver/gold leaf, paper, buttercream or royal icing piping, ganache or drip features, chocolates, or whatever else your imagination dictates. We believe the height of a cake adds to the festivities.

Our standard tiers are comprised of four layers of cake with the finished tier measuring 5-6inches tall. We prefer to keep to keep our cake looking tall and sleek because we believe it portray a more elegant look. The layers are generally filled with silky smooth Swiss meringue buttercream, homemade jams or curds, and other delicious things depending on your chosen flavour profile. Buttercreams and ganaches can be used on their own or flavoured with fresh fruit or preserves, natural flavouring oils and extracts, and many other fun things.

Cakes are presented as either:

No buttercream or covering on the the cake, leaving the filling between each layer visible from the outside. Naked cakes are often decorated with fresh flowers or fruit, and are a refreshingly rustic look that is perfect for a relaxed wedding or celebration.

Similar to a naked cake, but with a layer of buttercream around the outside of the cake giving it straight edges and sharp corners, scraped back thin so that the cake is visible through the buttercream. Able to be coloured and often decorated with fresh flowers, fruit, and other goodies.

Iced in full-coverage buttercream, which can be smooth, rustic, textured or patterned, applied with a spatula or piped on, and can be flavoured and tinted to your chosen colour/s.
(Note: buttercream is delicious, but butter does melt! it is not suitable for outdoor event in our hot climate.)

Covered in smooth converture chocolate ganache with sharp edges, and then encased in a thin layer of fondant. Fondant is extremely versatile: it can be coloured, painted, embossed, piped, tiled, marbled (and more), making it perfect for complex and elegant designs
(Note: as it completely seals the cake, it enables the cake to be safely stored at cool room temperature for several days and can withstand prolonged periods of display at weddings and events, making it the best choice for outdoor events. )


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