How do you design your cakes?

For design, we ask you for any event themes or colours, preferred styles, as well as any photos for inspiration so we can coordinate the design. Once we have all your requirements, we will come up with quote and a draft design will be sketch upon order confirmation. If we get your approval, we’re in production mode!

Do you have a list of flavours?

We have our favourite flavours and combos in our layered cake menu.
If you’re having trouble with flavour pairings or don’t even know where to start, let us know and we can figure it out together.

What kind of cakes do you do?

All our cakes are layer cakes, because we believe the cake and fillings are equally important and you need to get lots of each delicious element in every slice! Cakes can generally be broken into their shape (standard/sculpted), size (diameter/height), configuration (single/multi-tiered) and finishing style (naked/ seminaked/ buttercream/ fondant).
Cupcakes / Macarons / Brownies are available too.

How do I figure out how much cake I need?

We can help you with that once you provide information on the number of guests you need to serve and the role the cake will play in your event. We have cake sizes from min 1kg onwards.

How do I secure a date?

Once you have confirmed our availability and we have provided a quote, you will need to make a full payment within 3 days of the quoted price to secure the date. No order will commence until a full payment has been paid & received. Once the payment has been paid, the quoted price remains fixed to the details in the quote.

What makes some cakes more expensive than others?

Every cake we make is costed according to the ingredients, time, and number of serving sizes required, and our baseline prices per serve are the same whether the cake is for a wedding, engagement, birthday, baby shower, christening, graduation, or any other event.

Three factors influence the price of a cake

Cost of the ingredients and non-edible materials (e.g. dowelling, cake boards, cake boxes, etc.) required for your chosen flavours and design. Some ingredients (e.g. gold and silver leaf, couverture chocolate, freeze-dried fruit powders, fresh berries etc) cost a premium for us to use, and this cost is incorporated into the quote.

Time required to create your chosen design. Simple designs take less time, while designs incorporating sugar flowers or intricate detailing or structure work take more time, and time is money!

Size of your cake - a cake to serve 150 people will cost more than a cake to serve 20, and likewise a cake to serve dessert portions to 80 people will cost more than the same number of coffee portions.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services.
All our ingredients are of the highest quality.
It is important to remember that cakes are a perishable and delicate product.
Our aim is to provide only the freshest and highest quality cakes to our customers.

How long is the shelf life?

All our cakes are freshly made upon request. It is best consume within 4 – 5 days by following our handling instruction to keep it well. Cakes contains fresh fruits are advise to consume within 2 -3 days.
Macarons and strawberry towers are best to consume within 2 - 3 days.

Are the colourings that we use food safe?

We only use food grade and FDA approved food colouring. For edible print, we use imported food printer for the prints.

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