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Terms and Conditions

We are glad to conduct our cake decorating workshop and share our tips and tricks with you.

We conduct different skill level of workshop that suitable for all levels whether you are a beginner or professional bakers. All our workshops are in small groups of max 4 students.

By the end of the hands-on workshop, you will equipped with the cake decoration knowledge and skills to be able to produce your own cake. You will take your completed work home to share with friends and family.

Come and discover how to create these dream cake with the guidance of instructor.

*Please ensure that you are able to attend the above date as payment is non-refundable however, booking may be transferred to another name. Please read our full Terms & Conditions prior to booking any of our workshop.


- All booking will be confirmed upon full payment received.

- We reserve the right to accept, refuse or negotiate a workshop booking.


- To secure a place in a workshop the fee must be paid in full in advance on ‘a first in first served’ basis.

- All workshops are capped, and we reserve the right modify the cap number as it is deemed necessary.

- All workshop will have a setting of 6 students. You will have opportunity to interact with your instructor and to ensure a quality learning experience.

- All tools will be provided on a loan basis. Please ensure that you return the complete set to us in good condition at the end of class.

- We reserve the right to change the start and finishing times of workshops.

- Any pre/paid workshop participant affected by such a change will be notified as soon as any change is made and if necessary offered another workshop time or a full refund.


- Payment for a workshop is non-refundable.

- There will be no refunds upon cancellations or non-attendance on your end. However, you may arrange for a replacement student and notify us in writing 1 week before the date of the class.

- We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule a workshop due to insufficient numbers, in which case participants will be notified and either offered a similar workshop or a full refund.


- Classes will be conducted in a conducive learning environment; baking classroom fully equipped with all the necessary facilities.

- Address will be given once full payment made.

- Parking is available within vicinity of the premises and is free of charge.


- All designs that are taught as part of our learning program and you are encouraged to use the technique to create your own designs. 

- It is not a license to copy and use the designs for reteaching purposes. 

- All course notes that are issued as part of a class are not to reproduced or distributed under any circumstances. 

 - Upon request by the instructor, video recording is not allowed throughout the class. You may take photos, however kindly do not publish any step-by-step form of photos taken. 

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